History and Exestream

We start broadcasting on Exestream almost exactly one hundred years after the first radio broadcasting started in 1920. There is some debate about the actual start date but it is safe to record that Guglielmo Marconi was broadcasting music from his factory in Chelmsford in 1920. There were also a few radio broadcasting stations around the world which started in 1920, notably in the USA, Canada and Argentina.

Today radio broadcasting is still popular around the world but there is a move away from traditional "wireless" methods towards streaming services as part of the digital revolution. Radio stations are accessed from smartphones. tablets, personal computers and televisions. In areas such as the Exe Valleys, it is the only reliable way of receiving radio broadcasts. This is why we have decided to start a community radio station which only broadcasts on the internet. We hope to be able to have an APP and to be available through Smart Speakers such as Alexa, Bose Sound Link and GoogleSmart Speaker. These are early days.